About Us

Find Out Who We Are

The entrepreneur’s journey is a long and winding one and in the energy space fraught with obstacles and challenges.

Spark Club brings entrepreneurs in the energy field together with a common objective, to build energy businesses. Club members draw on each others experience, and the experience of club mentors, to support, learn and grow energy businesses. We meet once a quarter to hear from an energy sector veterans, a start-up service, or a leading light outside of the energy sector. We exchange ideas, tips, tricks and survival techniques and provide a support network to those in the energy industry trying to carve a way forward and bring an energy business to life.

We’re a club. A group of like minded energy entrepreneurs interested in starting and building businesses in the energy sector. We’re a non-profit organisation run by members for members in the interest of members. We believe by sharing and supporting each other our connected community will learn faster, build business quicker, with greater success. We’re all things energy and open to all aspects of new energy generation, be it product, service or innovation.

WHO We Are
We are pre-funded entrepreneurs in the start-up energy space. We are individuals and small teams who have ideas we want to bring to the energy market. We’re open to recent graduates and final year Uni students with their own business ideas looking to join a club of like minded people.

WHY We’re A Club
We believe the energy sector is harder than most to disrupt. National and State rules and regulations which are decades old protect incumbents. Technology in energy is moving faster than the establishment is willing to embrace. Lessons learned by club members and mentors are shared in the interest of time and collective success.

At the Polyglot office in Glebe – 25 Burton Street, Glebe, NSW, 2037 or EnergyLab in Chippendale

WHEN We Meet
Once a quarter, we’ll post dates and events here on the website – add your details below and we’ll keep you informed.

WHAT we’re not
Like all clubs, we’re not for everyone. We’re not a start-up incubator. Your ideas remain 100% yours, we’re simply a support network sharing our experience in the energy industry in the hope collective lessons learned don’t have to be repeated. We’re not for businesses who have successfully secured first round funding. We’re early start-ups pre-funding, making our way forward in the energy sector.

Our events bring the brightest minds in the energy space to the stage to share start-up lessons and experience in building an energy business. Our Fireside Chat format allows time for the guest speaker to share their journey in some detail and allowing the audience to learn from real world experience. We finish off the evening with informal conversation sharing as a community.