Grant McDowell

Grant McDowell

Hey there! My name is Grant McDowell, and I am the founder of SolarFarm and SunKit. The idea for SolarFarm came to me in a single moment. I was standing in my backyard and looked up at my shaded rooftop and the idea crystallised. What if we installed Solar PV in a solar farm, instead of on the rooftop, surely we could bring benefit to the grid and lower costs to the consumer?

I went on to develop an Australian Innovation Patent for ‘remote ownership’ and began my journey in renewable energy in 2007.

Since then I’ve had the privilege of working for National solar businesses Energy Matters and Mark Group and ridden the highs on the ‘solar coaster’. Senior roles in sales and operations have provided invaluable experience to scaling energy businesses fast. I draw on this experience as I develop SunKit, a solar-in-a-box solution for the developing world.

My intention at Spark Club is to generously share my hard won experience in the energy sector with entrepreneurs taking on the challenge of disrupting an industry as they take their ideas from concept to delivery.

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