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In this exciting Spark Club event we will host two Australian global leaders in clean tech, climate and the energy transition, Danny Kennedy and Saul Griffith

26th May 2021 – At Fishburners in Sydney

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Spark Club brings entrepreneurs in the energy field together with a common objective: to build energy businesses. Club members draw on each other’s experience and the experience of club mentors to support and grow energy businesses. We meet once a quarter to hear from an energy sector veteran, a start-up service, or a leading light outside of the energy sector. We exchange ideas, tips, tricks and survival techniques and provide a support network to those in the energy industry paving the way forward and bringing energy businesses to life.

Spark Club Podcast Series Is Live

Spark Club has officially launched its Podcast series, an interview initiative that explores the leading minds in the energy space.
You can listen to the first episode on our Podcast page.

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